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Impression Floors -- Cottage Carpets has Branched out to Kelowna and the Okanagan

Residents of Kelowna and the Okanagan, we've got you covered. Cottage Carpets has branched out to the Okanagan Valley and in our new store, Impression Floors Kelowna, we are excited to extend the same great products and services we offer to our customers in Greater Vancouver.

How to remove old carpet

It costs 20 cents per square foot, plus a dumping fee, to have your carpet removed by a professional. (Dumping fee depends on the weight of the carpet and cushion.)

Thank You Card from Children's Hearing & Speech Centre for Cottage Carpets

"Dear Garry and Patrice,
The carpet, the PERFECT carpet is rolled out in the gym and ready for children, teachers and parents yo stomp, dance and twirl on it. Thank you so much for your incredibly generous donation that will make a huge difference as our deaf children learn to listen in a noisy room. Please come join us and see for yourself!"

How to Clean Coffee From Carpet

Ground or liquid coffee stains are among the easiest to remove from your carpet. The following steps will make the process even easier.

How To Remove Ink From Carpet

There are several types of ink stains – stain from permanent ink and the stain from a standard pen which is easier to remove.

How To Clean Red Wine From Carpet

Red wine and carpet can be a stubborn combination. However, don't panic if wine spills on your carpet, get on it right away and you can save your carpet by taking the following steps.