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Carpet – The Healthy Flooring Choice

People spend about 90 per cent of their time indoors. That's why at Cottage Carpets we offer technologically advanced Canadian brands. We believe that the products we carry are friendly to the environment and maintain indoor air quality.

In our store you'll only find leading edge Canadian-made carpets that surpass tough Canadian federal health regulations and far exceed air quality standards set by the American Carpet & Rug Industry Organization (CRI).

We believe that the brands we carry such as Richmond Carpet by Shiner, Kraus Carpet, and the Beaulieu Peerless lines contribute to a healthy indoor atmosphere by greatly reducing airborne  volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Also, these newer types of carpet have long won applause in the Canadian marketplace for eliminating the gas emission problem of the traditional non-syntactic latex adhesives by using new, advanced material in the backing of the carpet.

At Cottage Carpets, "green carpet is more than just a colour". Beyond a catchy phrase, it means our customers can breathe easier and live healthier.