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Hardwood Flooring: 2 Strip Plank

Species: ash, beech, birch

Simplicity meets function and precise engineering in the low key but sophisticated Scandinavian Collection. True to its Nordic roots, the minimalist approach of the collection lets nature shine, reflecting the discreet knots and colour variations that bring this hardwood to life. Buffed to a subtle glow, the silk matte finish of the European Ash and Scandinavian Beech also makes this flooring durable and easy to clean. Light and airy, it sets the perfect tone for any modern decor.
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Ash, 7 3/8\" plank
Ash, 7 3/8" plank
Ash, 7 3/8\
Ash, 7 7/8\
Beech, 7 7/8\
Birch, 7 7/8\

Species: cherry, maple, red oak

Whether you’re California dreaming, yearning for the urban chic of south Florida or the small-town simplicity of Newfoundland, the American Naturals Collection offers interior styles as varied as the continent. The collection includes species such as the opulent cherry, the exquisite hard maple, and the vibrant red oak.
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Cherry, 7 7/8\" 2 strip plank
Cherry, 7 7/8" 2 strip plank
Cherry, 7 7/8\
Cherry, 6\
Cherry, 7 7/8\
Maple, 6\
Maple, 7 7/8\
Maple, 7 7/8\
Maple, 7 7/8\
Red Oak, 7 7/8\