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Berber and Loop Pile Carpet Style

Looking for rugged and durable? Berber / loop pile carpets are recognized for both strength and durability. Longer lasting carpets known for heavy duty tufting and sophisticated wool like appearance, Berber has become a very popular carpet for any home.

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The name fittingly describes this rich, textured and multi-colour floor covering but the cost-effective price makes it a practical choice for high traffic areas. Easy to maintain, the Berber-style carpet has a range of 5 different colours and comes with a 20-year warranty.
Warranty Info20 year wear, stain and soil warranty | Contact us »

Looking for something that is both practical and looks modern and trendy? This Berber style pet friendly carpet is made of Beulieu Carpet's pet friendly polyester stain and pet urine resistant yarn. It endures the bleaching, staining and fading impact of detergents, pet urine or any type of food ensuring that your carpet will always look clean and spotless.
Warranty InfoLifetime Stain Resistance, 5 Year Wear and Texture Retention | Contact Us »

Once relegated to basements and less prestigious areas, Berber loop carpets have moved up to places like living rooms. Cost-effective to manufacture, it gives you more bang for your buck while delivering comfort, style and durability.
Warranty InfoLifetime Stain Resistance, 10 Year Wear and Texture Retention | Contact Us »

It looks and feels like a high end New Zealand wool carpet, but the Freeport comes in at a fraction of the price. For the cost of a regular broadloom, the distinct pin-dot pattern loop carpet is constructed of Beaulieu's Tryesse Green Label yarn which makes it durable and easy to maintain.
Warranty Info10 Year Wear and Texture Retention, 5 Year Stain Resistance, | Contact Us »

The plush and pretty yarn of the Silken Classic is no dream. This textured, Berber-style loop holds its colour yet resists stains. It comes in 18 hues and is easy to maintain.
Warranty InfoLifetime Stain & Soil Warranty; 10 Year Mohawk Texture Retention & Wear Warranty | Contact Us »

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