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Carpets from CAD 2 to 2.99 per sqft

Gorgeous, elegant Berber, patterned with unique texture, this carpet is ideal for living rooms, family rooms, or hallways.  Great for heavier traffic areas and super easy to maintain.
Warranty Info10 Year Wear and 5 Year Texture Resistance Warranty; 5 Year Stain and Soil Warranty | Contact Us »

Kids, pets, winter boots, Glorious Afternoon Carpet stands up to everyday wear and tear. Made with tryesse fibre, it’s incredibly soft, holds its colour and is exceptionally durable. Plus, as a green label product, it’s manufactured without topical chemicals. It comes with Beaulieu’s Gold Warranty.
Warranty InfoBeaulieu’s Gold Warranty: 15 year wear warranty, 10 year texture retention and stain resistance warranty | Contact Us »

Easy on the budget and the eyes, Rai Valley Carpet is perfect for well used living spaces. It’s backed by a 10-year wear and 5-year texture retention & stain-resistant warranty.
Warranty Info10 Year Wear Warranty, 5 Year Texture Renetion & Stain Resistance | Contact Us »

Luxury meets practicality in the plush heavy loop pile of the Inspiration. SmartCushion engineering provides lavish comfort along with sound and heat insulation and the ability to deter the growth of mildew, mold and fungus. The 100% BCF Smartstand yarn, made of renewable resources, is an industry leader for durability and soil and stain resistance.

Warranty InfoLifetime Stain & Soil Warranty; 20 Years Texture Retention and Wear Warranty; Lifetime Pet Urine Warranty | Contact Us »

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Roll out the red carpet with this swanky floor covering. However, rest assured that beneath the upscale façade the dense, textured Saxony pile stands up well to wear and tear. Choose from 28 colours.
Warranty Info20 Years Wear, 15 Years Stain & Soil Resistance, 10 Years Texture Retention Warranty | Contact Us »

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Make a fashion statement with your carpet! This contemporary and stylish carpet turns any area of your home into a focal point. Its cut and loop pile is made from Richmond Carpet's Chromolon yarn and is designed to provide a long-lasting floor covering in your apartment of house.
Warranty InfoRichmond Carpets' 10 Year Wear Warranty | Contact Us »

This eco-friendly carpet holds up well in any part of the home largely because of its stain-proof and dirt-repellent technology. While the linear, abstract pattern works well with a modern, clean-cut decor, the carpet is a remarkably durable and long-lasting home flooring solution. The pile of the Flagstone is made of 100% BCF Perpetual yarn. This carpet is manufactured in a manner to have minimal effect on the environment: it qualifies for Canadian recycling program.
Warranty InfoLifetime Stain Proof – No Exceptions™ Warranty; Lifetime Soil Protection, and Anti-Static Warranty; 10 year Texture Retention Warranty | Contact us »

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Despite the swanky diamond-shaped pattern of this carpet, the Diamond Touch of Kraus is more than just a glamorous floor covering. The features of this multi-level loop carpet make it ideal for areas that call for easy maintenance, comfort and style. The yarn of the carpet, Strudon Silk, is inherently stain proof.
Warranty InfoLifetime Wear, Fade & FuzzFree™ and Anti-Static Warranty; Lifetime Stain Proof – No Exceptions™ and Soil Protection Warranty; 15 year Texture Retention Warranty | Contact us »

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While the smooth and understated texture enhances the elegance of any modern home, the fade-free, stain-proof and highly dirt-repellent fibre adds oomph to this carpet. The Sovereign Kraus also has appeal for consumers concerned about the environment. Manufactured with sustainable raw material, its eco-friendly components qualify this carpet for recycling programs.
Warranty InfoLifetime Wear, Fade & FuzzFree™ and Lifetime Anti-Static Warranty; Lifetime Stain Proof – No Exceptions™ and Soil Protection Warranty; 15 year Texture Retention Warranty | Contact us »

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Fashionable, stain-resistant and non-shedding, this carpet is a thoughtful and comfortable choice for most homes. The cut pile and soft texture give it a modern yet cozy feel, while the 20 appealing designer colours offer a range of decor options.
Warranty Info10 Year Wear and Texture Resistance Warranty; 7 Year Stain and Soil Warranty; Life-long Anti-static Warranty | Contact Us »

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