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Carpets from CAD 3 to 3.99 per sqft

If the contemporary pattern and plushy feel of the Flawless Reputation doesn’t wow you, then the promise of carpeting that will last for years to come may entice you. This floor covering has caught the fancy of modern condo owners who are impressed by its style and super stain-resistant nature.

Warranty InfoLifetime Stain & Pet Urine; Soil Warranty; 25 Year Fade Resistance, Texture Retention and Wear Warranty | Contact Us »

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Keeping up with the Joneses may not be so difficult after all – particularly when it comes to floor covering. The playful pattern and cut and loop pile of the Norwegian Wood carpet let you have a bit of sass and easy maintenance. So you look good keeping up with busy lifestyle of an active family.
Warranty InfoBeaulieu’s Platinum Warranty: 20 Year Wear Warranty, 15 Year Texture Retention and Stain Resistance Warranty | Contact Us »

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A chic choice for busy people, this carpet is an excellent choice for trendy downtown condos and penthouses. The super soft SmartStrand pile, designed with a modern geometric pattern, is luxurious, durable and highly stain-resistant.
Warranty InfoLifetime Stain & Pet Urine; Soil Warranty; 20 Year Fade Resistance, Texture Retention and Wear Warranty | Contact Us »

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You won’t be able to resist sinking your toes into the cushy comfort of this carpet. From wall to wall, the Breton III spreads warmth underfoot. Reminiscent of the mid-century modern West Coast home style, it also exudes elegance. And, combined with industry leading construction, it’s a durable and superb choice for dining or media rooms, hallways and other areas of the home.
Warranty InfoBeaulieu’s Platinum Warranty: 20 year wear warranty, 15 year texture retention and stain resistance warranty | Contact Us »

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Elegant, without extravagant patterns, this carpet delivers softness and comfort without the drama. With 28 colours to choose from, you’re sure to find the right hue to compliment your décor. It comes with our 20-year wear and 15-year stain resistance Platinum warranty.
Warranty Info20 Years Wear, 15 Years Stain & Soil Resistance, 10 Years Texture Retention Warranty | Contact Us »

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Beyond its plush nylon yarn and luxurious appearance, this carpet is easy to maintain. It’s meant to keep its look and function throughout its lifetime. It is guaranteed to be fade-, stain- and wear-resistant.
Warranty InfoLifetime Wear, Fade & Stain Proof | Contact Us »

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Looking for something that is both practical and looks modern and trendy? This Berber style pet friendly carpet is made of Beulieu Carpet's pet friendly polyester stain and pet urine resistant yarn. It endures the bleaching, staining and fading impact of detergents, pet urine or any type of food ensuring that your carpet will always look clean and spotless.
Warranty InfoLifetime Stain Resistance, 5 Year Wear and Texture Retention | Contact Us »

The rich, textured Saxony pile and the sophisticated style tell only half the story of this carpet. Subtle Attraction combines modern elegance with the superior performance of Tryesse Green Label yarn carpets to create a top of the line floor covering that stands up well to food, beverage and soil stains.
Warranty Info10 Year Wear and Texture Retention, 5 Year Stain Resistance, | Contact Us »

This soft, yet heavy berber comes in delightful multi-toned colours. Made from Beaulieu’s own Tryesse Green Label yarn, this carpet is Scotchgard stain protected and is one of the most durable but luxurious soft yarns on the market.
Warranty InfoLifetime Stain Resistance, 5 Year Wear and Texture Retention | Contact Us »

You’ll be charmed by the elegance and outstanding softness of this carpet. Beyond its good looks, Barzoi retains its texture and colour even in high traffic areas. It comes in 6 colours and has a 15-year warranty.
Warranty InfoBeaulieu’s Golden Warranty: 15 Year Wear Warranty, 10 Year Texture Renetion & Stain Resistance | Contact Us »