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Carpets from CAD 3 to 3.99 per sqft

Rich and plush, this carpet delivers luxury while paying attention to the environment. The smooth, velvety yarn is made of recyclable material and is built to keep its look and form throughout its lifetime. Canyon Paradise is wear-, fade- and stain-proof.
Warranty InfoLifetime Wear, Fade & Stain Proof | Contact Us »

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Indulge your sense of touch and concern for the environment in one go. Eco-conscious consumers will love that this carpet is designed to minimize the use of non-sustainable material. But you don’t have to be a tree-hugger to appreciate the luxurious loop pile and high resistance to stain. It also comes with a manufacturer’s wear warranty.
Warranty InfoLifetime Wear, Fade and Stain Resistance Warranty; 15 Year Texture Warranty | Contact Us »

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Soft and luxurious with rich, plush nylon yarn pile, this carpet is both pretty and practical. It has a luxurious appearance but is resistant to stains and fading. The Bennet comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Warranty InfoLifetime Wear, Fade & Stain Proof | Contact Us »

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Pleasing to the eye, yet easy to maintain, Venice Virtue provides a classic touch to any home. Combining graceful appeal with high performance earns this floor covering top marks.
Warranty InfoBeaulieu’s Platinum Warranty: 20 year wear warranty, 15 year texture retention and stain resistance warranty | Contact Us »

Go ahead, lay this carpet in your hardest wearing areas and you’ll notice that it takes a beating and bounces back every time. The magic is in the Tryesse fibre that has been tested in laboratory setting using real life scenarios. Opt for one of 14 colours and also get our 20-year wear and 15-year stain resistance Platinum warranty.
Warranty Info10 Year Wear and Texture Resistance Warranty; 7 Year Stain and Soil Warranty; Life-long Anti-static Warranty | Contact Us »

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A luscious, sink-your-toes-into-it pile, the Floret Kraus absorbs heavy pounding and bounces back for more. Rich and heavy cut, the luxurious loop of this carpet is engineered for maximum softness and to withstand the strain of frequent parties and the heavy traffic of a busy home. In addition to the trendy, abstract design, this carpet is highly resistant to stain and to fading.
Warranty InfoLifetime Wear, Fade & FuzzFree™ Warranty; Lifetime Anti-Shock and Stain Proof – No Exceptions™ Warranty; 15 year Texture Retention Warranty | Contact us »

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Opt for any of Yorki’s 12 colours to match the mood and decor of your space. The attractive loop pile is soft, cozy and durable. The colour is long lasting and it comes with a 15-year warranty.
Warranty InfoBeaulieu’s Golden Warranty: 15 Year Wear Warranty, 10 Year Texture Renetion & Stain Resistance | Contact Us »

A fashion forward carpet with an aura of grace, the yarn of the Percale II is the product of the finest level engineering. Resilient, with a delicate, plush texture, the pile of this carpet is naturally stain resistant. It also meets the highest durability rating standards.

Warranty Info10 Year Wear, 7 Year Performance, and 7 Year Stain Warranty | Contact us »

The textured pile of Frond, a broadloom from Kraus Carpet's Perpetual yarn series, marries a classic yet cozy feel with advanced engineering that makes the yarn easy to clean and maintain. Guaranteed to remain stain-resistant for at least 10 years and scoring high on durability, it is a truly versatile flooring solution. The decade long stain-proof warranty comes directly from the manufacturer and, as part of Kraus Carpets' GreenChoice, this carpet is an industry leader in terms of its impact on the environment.
Warranty InfoLifetime Wear, Fade, Fuzzfree and Anti-statice Warranty; Lifetime Stain Proof - No ExceptionTM ; 15 year Texture Retention Warranty | Contact us »

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