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A premium quality carpet, Magically Soft’s understated elegance and ultra-soft feel make it a perfect fit for more prestigious areas. The textured, cut and loop nylon fibre carpet comes in 13 colours and with our lifetime stain resistance and 25-year year wear and texture retention warranty.
Warranty InfoLifetime Stain & Soil Resistance, 25 Years Wear & Texture Retention Warranty | Contact Us »

You’ll be charmed by the elegance and outstanding softness of this carpet. Beyond its good looks, Barzoi retains its texture and colour even in high traffic areas. It comes in 6 colours and has a 15-year warranty.
Warranty InfoBeaulieu’s Golden Warranty: 15 Year Wear Warranty, 10 Year Texture Renetion & Stain Resistance | Contact Us »

No matter what life throws at it, the colourful textured cut and loop pile of the Boardwalk refuses to fade. It has a lifetime fade and stain-resistant warranty and is eco-friendly with yarn that contains recycled material.
Warranty Info Lifetime Fade & Stain Resistance; 10 Year Wear, Fade & Rave | Contact Us »

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Kindred’s soft but heavy pile delivers a sturdy, long lasting performance. The textured Saxony nylon yarn floor covering comes in 20 colours and has a 15-year wear warranty.
Warranty Info15 Year Wear, 10 Year Stain and Soil Resistance, 5 Year Texture Retention Warranty | Contact Us »

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The plush and pretty yarn of the Silken Classic is no dream. This textured, Berber-style loop holds its colour yet resists stains. It comes in 18 hues and is easy to maintain.
Warranty InfoLifetime Stain & Soil Warranty; 10 Year Mohawk Texture Retention & Wear Warranty | Contact Us »

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Cheer up the house with warm, modern colours! A plush appearance and feel, this carpet is perfect for families, high traffic areas, bedrooms, and vacation homes Stain proof, easy to clean and maintain, this relatively light, textured cut and loop style carpet is made from Beaulieu's MagicFresh polyester yarn.
Warranty Info15 Year Wear; 10 Year Texture Retention and Stain Resistance | Contact Us »

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Luxury and affordability come together in the plush and super soft textured pile of this carpet. Royal Supreme offers 16 colours and has a 10-year warranty.
Warranty Info10 year wear, 5 year soil warranty | Contact us »

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Rest assured that while you sink your feet into its plush, heavy-cut pile, Unity’s advanced engineering and superior quality also creates a comfortable environment for allergy sufferers. The pile, made of Triexta 100% BCF yarn, inhibits the growth of mildew, mold and fungus while providing sound and heat insulation.
Warranty InfoLifetime Stain & Soil Warranty; 20 Years Texture Retention and Wear Warranty; Lifetime Pet Urine Warranty | Contact Us »

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Budget-friendly and good looking, Pembroke Carpet delivers big results for form, function and sophistication. Durable and hardwearing, it comes with a 10-year wear and 5-year texture retention and stain-resistant warranty.
Warranty Info10 Year Wear Warranty, 5 Year Texture Renetion & Stain Resistance | Contact Us »

From eye-catching blues to functional neutrals, Calypso has 20 rich colour options to match your décor. Practical and budget-friendly, it wears well in high functioning areas while the textured pile adds a splash of style. Proudly Canadian, it bears the Green Label Plus seal, which means it emits the least amount of airborne chemicals. Plus, it has a lifetime stain and fade resistance and a 15-year wear warranty.

Warranty Info15 Year Wear, 10 Year Stain Resistance and Texture Retention | Contact Us »

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