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The textured, high twist gives this Saxony carpet a simple, but rich appearance. A choice of 16 colours and a cost-effective price point means you get the look you want even on a tight budget.
Warranty Info10 year wear, 5 year soil warranty | Contact us »

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Sumptuous and super soft, you may dismiss Harrier as a lightweight floor covering, but that would be a mistake. The gorgeous loop pattern is tough in the face of spills, accidents, and pets. It holds its texture and colour long term and has a 20-year warranty.
Warranty InfoBeaulieu’s Platinum Warranty: 20 Year Wear Warranty, 15 Year Texture Renetion & Stain Resistance | Contact Us »

The Cadillac of carpets, Terrier represents the top of the line. The soft, subtle texture makes it the perfect floor covering for a luxurious, elegant home. Using the premium fibre of the Tactesse Stainmaster nylon yarn, the extra heavy Saxony-style pile creates a splendid mid-century modern vibe. Yet, the Terrier does not shy away from heavy duty. The collection is available in 24 designer colours.
Warranty InfoBeaulieu’s Platinum Warranty: 25 Year Wear Warranty & Texture Renetion & Lifetime Stain Resistance | Contact Us »

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The pile of this carpet was created by using SmartStrand Triexta yarn to provide exceptional stain and soil resistance. The carpet has a reputation of being a very economical choice. That, together with its clean, linear pindot texture and its colour choice of 24 bright shades explains the popularity of this carpet.

Warranty InfoLifetime Staind and Soil Warranty, Lifetime Pet Urine Resitance Warranty, 20 Year Texture Retention & Abrasive Wear Warranty | Contact Us »

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You get the pleasure of sinking your toes into the silky soft pile of this carpet, minus the worries of trapped odors, pet stains and wear and tear from heavy duty foot traffic. Exceptionally durable, Silky Dazzle Carpet marries form, function and good looks. Made for optimal stain protection, it doesn’t fade and has the Green Label Plus certification for the highest standard in indoor air quality. It comes with a lifetime stain and fade and a 25-year wear warranty. Choose from 12 colours.

Warranty Info20 Years Wear, 15 Years Soil Resistance & Texture Retention Warranty | Contact Us »

Designed with the environment in mind, the Santiago couples the best quality nylon yarn with green-friendly manufacturing processes. Plus, the rich, soft cut pile comes in a dozen colours that work well with a variety of decorating styles.
Warranty Info10 Year Wear and Texture Resistance Warranty; 7 Year Stain and Soil Warranty; Life-long Anti-static Warranty | Contact Us »

Very economical for the family room or basement! Super durable and easy to clean, this solid colour Berber is made of non-shedding Olofin yarn.
Warranty Info10 Year Wear and 3 Year Texture Resistance Warranty; 5 Year Stain and Soil Warranty | Contact Us »

Stain- and fade-proof for life, Beaulieu Silky Splendor carpet delivers quality and comfort on a skinny budget. With Splendid Light, you get the same great performance…easy to clean yarn; odor-eliminating ScentGuard; and eco-friendly Green Label Plus certification…as other carpets in the Beaulieu Splendid line. In addition to lifetime stain and fade, it has as 20-year wear warranty.

Warranty Info10 Year Wear and 3 Year Texture Resistance Warranty; 5 Year Stain and Soil Warranty | Contact Us »

Made with Beaulieu Canada’s Tryesse Ultra non-shedding yarn, Silky Sparkle is unbelievably soft, yet remains durable and practical. One of the heaviest carpets in the Beaulieu line, it’s an attractive and economical option for rental units and well-used spaces. It has Beaulieu’s exclusive odor-removing ScentGuard and is Green Label Plus certified, which contributes to great indoor air quality. Like all Tryesse carpets, Silky Sparkle has a competitive warranty.

Warranty Info10 Year Wear and 3 Year Texture Resistance Warranty; 5 Year Stain and Soil Warranty | Contact Us »

Gorgeous, elegant Berber, patterned with unique texture, this carpet is ideal for living rooms, family rooms, or hallways.  Great for heavier traffic areas and super easy to maintain.
Warranty Info10 Year Wear and 5 Year Texture Resistance Warranty; 5 Year Stain and Soil Warranty | Contact Us »