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Walnut Hardwood Flooring Gallery

Species: Walnut, White Oak

It's a tossup between white oak and walnut under the Aristocraci line of hardwood flooring. The hand-scraped finishing of both evokes the sense of antique hardwood while the 8 layers and matte coating offer stability and resistance to wear and tear. Opt for the reputedly hard-wearing white oak, if you prefer a more traditional look. However, the strong character and distinct grain of the walnut may have more appeal for nature lovers.
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Walnut, 7 7/16\" plank
Walnut, 7 7/16" plank
Walnut, 7 7/16\
White Oak, 7 7/16\
White Oak, 7 7/16\

Species: white oak, Canadian maple, American walnut

Thickness: 3/4’’ (18mm)
Width: 6’’ (150mm)
Length: random length

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Alton - White Oak - Wire Brushed
Alton - White Oak - Wire Brushed
Alton - White Oak - Wire Brushed
Barlovento - White Oak - Wire Brushed
Belton - Canadian Maple - Hand Scraped
Donaldo - White Oak- Wire Brushed
Fayette - Canadian Maple - Hand Scraped
Moberly - Canadian Maple - Hand Scraped
Winfield  - Canadian Maple - Hand Scraped

Species: ash, oak, walnut

You may know ash for its light appearance, but this wood species is so tough it’s used to make baseball bats. Like ash, the oak and walnut flooring in the newly-arrived Sonata Avanti Hardwood collection can take a beating and still comes out looking good. Made with super wide planks, they shine in any living space, but are superstars in heavily-used rooms or areas prone to dents and deep scratches.
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Oak, 6 1/4\" plank
Oak, 6 1/4" plank
Oak, 6 1/4\
Staccato, 6 1/4\
Oak, 6 1/4\
Oak, 6 1/4\
Oak, 6 1/4\
Ash, 6 1/4\
Oak, 6 1/4\
Oak, 6 1/4\
Walnut, 6 1/4\